Southern California Calibration Service Areas

We offer scheduled on-site calibration service in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. Many companies find our on-site services to best suit their needs. Our highly trained and qualified technicians can provide complete inspection and calibration of your instruments right there at your facility. So confident are we in our technicians and systems that we invite prospective clients to visit and then audit them.

This helps ensure optimal performance from your equipment, while also preventing costly mistakes due to incorrect readings from faulty instruments. Micro Quality Calibration provides the top Southern California san diego calibration services—and in all 50 states. Not only are we the metrology company of choice for over 2,000 customers in the Southern California area alone, but we have loyal customers located all over the country. There are a great number of calibration services throughout California. Knowing this, IPS strives to differentiate itself from its competitors in a number of ways. First and foremost, customer service and satisfaction serve as the base of our operation.

To avoid improper measurements in any field, instruments must be calibrated regularly. IPS offers calibration services to businesses of all sizes, independent business persons, and even hobbyists. Our experienced and talented staff can return instruments to proper working order very quickly. Even better, we offer multiple calibration solutions in an effort to reduce down time and to put instruments back into working hands expediently. At times, even the highest quality pressure gauge instruments are subject to drift, resulting in inaccurate measurements and poor performance.

It is important that the right test equipment and measurement devices are used. Certifications from relevant organizations are also beneficial, as they guarantee quality services. The GUT’s output should match closely with what is expected given its specifications, and any discrepancies should be noted down for further investigation if necessary. When this procedure is successfully finished, it can be concluded that the GUT has been correctly calibrated and is prepared for use in settings where accuracy is crucial.

In such instances we offer our customers on site calibration services. These services see a member or a team from our staff remain at the customers job site so that instruments can be calibrated with as much frequency as needed. Our staff can remain on site for days, weeks, or for the entire duration of a project/job. Calibration is the procedure of comparing a reference with a known error margin against a device under test. If the device doesn’t match the reference, then we adjust it to match, or at least come close, the desired measuring accuracy.

Anko professionals are thought of to be some of the very best in the business. Anko Test Equipment Calibration offers CONTINENTAL calibration servicing of precision measuring instruments by CONTINENTAL in San Diego. As a professional metrology enterprise operating since 1990, our purpose has continued to be one-stop convenience by servicing electronic, RF and microwave, mechanical and dimensional, and environmental disciplines.

We’ll not only assist you in calibrating your equipment so that it functions properly and accurately but we can also provide documentation and validation for your business as well. We are an ISO accredited calibration firm that ensures you stay compliant with all industry regulations. Micro Precision accredited thermodynamic & chemical calibration lab services with temperature, humidity, life science, and pharma capabilities. Micro Precision accredited electrical calibration lab services with multimeter, multifunction calibrator, oscilloscope, and power supply capabilities. Calibration of laboratory equipment is typically carried out by a qualified technician or engineer. The technician will use specialized tools and instruments to check the accuracy of the device, adjust settings as needed, and document any changes made.

We’ve got you covered for any and all of your calibration, validation, and documentation needs – for all of your systems. For a streamlined quote request experience add equipment using an option below. Please add your equipment to the equipment list below or use one of the preferred methods below for faster quote times. Select the type of service would you like performed on your equipment. Accuracy is paramount; make sure the provider has experience calibrating different types of gauges. It will save money in the long run, since repairs or replacements may become necessary if they aren’t maintained properly throughout their lifetime of use.

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