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Nationals of certain non-EU countries may need a visa before travel. The Austrian authorities should issue family reunion visas free of charge. The deadline for applying for an Article 50 residence card was 31 December 2021. You can still apply if you have reasonable grounds for missing it.

Whether UK banks can provide services to customers living in the EEA depends on local laws and regulations. Read the Money and Pension Service’s MoneyHelper guidance on banking, insurance and financial services for more information on cross-border banking. If you work in Austria, even if you work for a UK-based company, this may affect where you pay National Insurance-type contributions. Read the National insurance and social security contributions section of this guide for more information. Children born to beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement after 1 January 2022 are eligible for an Article 50 residence card. Parents must apply for a UK passport for their child before applying for an Article 50 card, and apply for the Article 50 card within 90 days of the child’s birth.

We generate average normalized moving cost based on information submitted by people who have reviewed Umzugsritter. Take note that these prices may vary from the prices you will get if you contact the company since these costs are based on reviews data and not the movers themselves. Please note that move prices can vary greatly based on factors like home size and distance between locations as well as supplemental services like packing and assembly.

Read the guidance on returning to the UK permanently which includes information on, amongst other things, bringing family members, tax and access to services. If your child is born in Austria, you can register the birth with the UK authorities in addition to registering locally. If your child has British nationality, you do not need to register the birth with the UK authorities to apply for a British passport. If you have a UK Blue Badge and live in Austria, you must return it to the original UK issuing authority in the UK. Read the EU guidance on the EU parking card for people with disabilities. If you live in Austria, you must exchange your license for an Austrian one within 6 months of arriving. If you are planning to move Vienna check over here

High-quality moving companies also see themselves as real service providers and are also available to you in advance with advice and action. There are moving companies in Austria like sand on the sea. These differ not only in price, but also in the quality of the work there are big differences. There are also some black sheep in the moving industry who take money out of your customers’ pockets with hidden costs. That’s why you should take your time when making your selection, get offers and experiences from Compare customers. In the end, you will find the right moving company for you.

August Heuberger is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact this customer for reference purposes only. The Austrian visa application process should be straightforward, but please note that if you plan to stay in Austria for more than six months, you must apply for a residence permit before you move to Austria. If you are planning to stay for less the six months, you should apply for an entry permit instead.

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