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From tightened skin and reduced swelling to smoothed lines and a healthy-looking glow, there’s not much this multitasker doesn’t do. Developed by aesthetician Kerry Benjamin, a lifelong eczema patient, this cryo roller was designed to soothe sensitive skin, reduce itch, and fight inflammation. But it doesn’t stop there—you’ll also notice a visibly tighter complexion and a smoother under-eye area. “”I recommend the ice roller models that have a stainless steel roller,”” Murray notes. With this in mind, you should definitely consider the Skin Gym IceCoolie, a travel-friendly roller you can use anytime, anywhere to achieve a healthy-looking glow.

The steel head won’t irritate existing pimples and can actually improve their appearance, all while minimizing the size of your pores and reducing puffiness. Begin from the center of your face and use upward, outward strokes to roll the tool along the skin, making sure to apply just enough pressure to massage the skin, as using too much pressure can cause irritation. To de-puff the under-eyes, gently roll the tool along the area, applying little to no pressure. Designed to be chilled to deliver a cooling, tightening effect to the skin, the simple, hand-held tool is best known for its ability to quickly de-puff a tired complexion. But as skin experts explain, the trending tool offers a host of other legitimate skin-care benefits, too. Can also be used to massage and help reduce inflammation on other areas of the body that may be experiencing angry skin or puffiness.

Put the ice roller face massager in refrigeration when not in use. The ideal amount of time to use a face roller is 5 minutes Whereas, the ice roller should be used for 5-8 minutes. You can use a face roller without keeping it in the fridge. However, the ice roller must be kept to cool in the fridge before using. When buying an ice roller, you’ll also want to consider the handle. Some options have narrower handles, about the width of a pen, which are fine but less comfortable after a few minutes of use.

The handles make them easy to grip, so you can really get into all the nooks and crannies of your face. The rounded shape is developed to not only massage the face but also the neck and décolletage. All you have to do is place these globes from Jenny Patinkin in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before swiping over your face for a bit of depuffing. The liquid inside of the globes is a ‘cryo essence’ made with plant-based and non-toxic ingredients for guilt-free cold therapy through this click

Reviewers reported that they noticed a difference in puffiness and fine lines after just a week of using this tool. This professional-level roller has a detachable stainless steel head that’s designed to stay cold for up to two hours, and ideal to use on your face, neck, and décolletage. Consider choosing a tool with more luxe features that’ll make your experience a bit more ~lavish~, like vibrating massage, hot and cold features, or a globe-shaped roller to customize your facial experience. The more features it has, the more you’ll be likely to use it in the future, rather than letting it collect dust in your drawer after week one. All of Sacheu’s products are ultra-sleek and look great on your bathroom counter ofrvanity.

Apply a bit of eye cream beforehand to avoid any tugging. Roll this tool all over your face for a little massage and instant depuffing. Reviewers note it’s the perfect self-care treat after a long day. It’s like going to the spa…from the comfort of your own home.

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