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Check out the list of awesome projects that are happening in the OpenCon community, and what kinds of help they’re looking for. Our elite teams build Mobile Apps, Responsive Websites, ERP’s, bots or any digital product that interacts with users for the world’s leading companies. We cultivate expertise in every stage of product creation, resulting in extraordinary digital experiences to drive the growth of your business! This app has the locations of thirthsthal and contact details of trusts of Maheshwari Samaj with the map locations. It also has an image gallery of the functions and events held in the Samaj premises.

Debon has had years of experience writing articles for all manner of organisations both large and small. Directories are built to grow and therefore are scalable, expanding with new listings and information as needed for example: how many rounds can a man go per night It should be able to be done inhouse by admin staff rather than outsourced to expensive web developers who charge by the hour to do minor updates. Start with an engaging home page with a short introductory paragraph about the directory and the community it serves.

A major challenge in supporting and scaling up community-based conservation initiatives in India have been their relative invisibility, scattered presence, and a lack of a comprehensive inventory of the good practices. Documenting community conserved areas is therefore, a first step in this direction. It is your responsibility to keep your community directory listing up-to-date. Council accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors and requires that community organisations regularly check their listing for errors. Community directory listings will be reviewed annually and Council has the right to remove any listings that have not been active for more than 12 months.

Offers practice opportunities for active involvement in problem-solving in environmental justice research. Provides students an opportunity to develop facility with analytic methods needed to conduct research into community environmental justice concerns. The AllTrials Community is a diverse and inclusive group of individuals who care about improving clinical research and medicine.

Our aim was to make everything on the community directory Home page obvious and readable. A simple, clear filter bar on the Home page allows users to search by category, organisation or keyword. Members can update their profiles and submit content that is visible to the public. It should provide free public access to collated quality information, listing all services and community groups in a one stop shop, preferably with consistent and attractive page layouts.

This allows us to start developing Eleventy in a development environment that includes Browsersync hot-reloading for local development. It also adds a command that compiles and builds our work for deployment on a production server. A centralised calendar of events can be incorporated into the directory so members can enter events, course dates, council meetings and announcements, and the public can stay informed of happenings with increased participation rates. A good SEO strategy will strengthen your directory, keeping up to date with keyword research and ranking high with search engines. This will increase traffic to the directory thus contributing to the connectivity of your community. A lot of local councils are taking up the building community directories as part of their strategy to strengthen their communities.

Your insights will help inform the future work of the NAM Culture of Health Program and improve our processes. The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County developed a plan to work with multisector partners to improve the well-being of children ages 0 to 8, specifically by preventing child abuse and increasing access to prenatal care. Our Lessons Learned page includes additional information about these elements, as well as details about the NAM’s role as a facilitator during the pilot project. Visit /Community-Directory to create an account and submit your own listing. The information you provide when choosing to register on the Indigo Shire Council Community Directory is used solely for the purpose of publishing and managing your community group listing on our website. We are currently experiencing significant delays in processing applications, delivering planning decisions and investigating planning complaints from our community.

SCOSS, the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services, selected DOAB as essential infrastructure to support the transition of monographs and book chapters to open access models. SCOSS encourages the open science community to consider financially supporting DOAB and its services where possible. Below is a list of search engines where volunteers or members of a community help create the listings, such as by managing categories or submitting sites they like. A list of search engines where volunteers or members of a community help create the listings, such as by contributing bookmarks, managing categories or submitting sites they like. Going forward, the Open Data Directory Community Group aims to enhance and foster the ecosystem of people and organizations who are interesting in making it easier to find, access and combine Open Data on the Web. We look to the community to help guide the requirements and future development of this project.

The Research Lab is in place for organizations and practitioners to use as well as contribute to with their own techniques. The overwhelming argument I hear from postdocs about not practising open science is that it won’t get them a career. This project aims to highlight funding opportunities that reward applicants for working openly, collaboratively and reproducibly. It also aims to save researcher’s time by pooling knowledge about funding sources, instead of postdocs, funders and institutions keeping their own siloed spreadsheets.

We create and share AllTrials Community Resources including advocacy toolkits, curriculum, presentations, and informational resources. We support each other through the AllTrials Community Forum. We know that advancing better research policies and practices in our communities requires effective communication and strategic advocacy, so we offer free training through the AllTrials Train-the-Trainer Workshop. Participants graduate with the practice, resources, and community of support they need to improve their advocacy skills and to similarly train their peers. Dance, theatre, storytelling are a few of the methods young people use to express themselves. That place is the Recrear Research Lab – an open access repository of fun participatory action research techniques inspired by the coolest youth projects around the world.

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