Top 10 Best eCommerce Companies in Japan

Strategic software development requirements for Mercari will be carried out at this center of excellence in conjunction with software developers at Mercari in Japan and the US,” said the company’s Managing Director Ken Wakasa. Rakuten is a Japanese e-commerce mega-brand that allows businesses to sell their products directly to consumers on the platform in a variety of categories, including electronics, clothes, accessories, home equipment, cosmetics, and more. Fashion is the largest segment in Japan’s e-commerce market, which is apparent when analyzing the country’s top-performing sites. The best eCommerce Companies in Japan are currently leading the market in terms of technology. For decades, the country has been recognized as a leading force in producing high-quality electronic products, resulting in a population of tech-savvy citizens with a thirst for innovation.

A live streaming feature and the Mercari Now service, which allows vendors to accept money instantaneously, are two of the app’s standout features. Yahoo! Auctions Japan is a subcategory of Yahoo! Japan’s larger internet platform. Computers, home appliances, music, books, video games, antique collections, fashion, beauty, and much more are among the categories available on the site. E-commerce firm Mercari Inc. announced Tuesday it has bought a controlling stake in the first-division Kashima Antlers soccer club, the most successful team in J. Mercari will acquire a 61.6 percent stake in Kashima Antlers F.C. Co., which operates the club, from Nippon … Michael Inc. is Mercari’s subsidiary that is in charge of developing Cartune, an online app made for car enthusiasts.

The company began using GitHub Advanced Security in June 2021 as its security team looked to tighten up its secret management processes. Previously Mercari used a secret scanning tool they built in-house by using webhooks to scan each code push. If the application detected a secret, it would send the developer a notification on Slack. Experts believe that Mercari’s success could be the catalyst that would drive the start-up culture further in Japan and revive the economy. Mercari’s IPO is Japan’s biggest for technology company since Line Corp. debuted in July 2016. Founded in 2013, Mercari was Japan’s first unicorn – a start-up with a valuation above $1 billion – in a country that boasts numerous successful giant corporations but lacks a vibrant start-up culture.

After a few years, he decided to start his own venture and founded Mercari. Murphy is a mobile payment service that is integrated into the Mercari app. Users can shop at countless places online and offline using their sales earnings or by charging money from their bank accounts. By providing unique payment and deposit systems along with AI-based fraud monitoring, we have created a platform allowing for safe and secure transactions.

For extracting the text feature vector, they used a word2vec model combined with TF-IDF. Mercari also tried other models such as BERT, but they decided to use word2vec as it’s simple and lightweight, suitable for production use with less GPU cost for prediction. Japanese C2C marketplace, Mercari, Inc. is all set to establish a Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru, which is expected to leverage Mercari’s network between Japan and India to support international breakthroughs.

Thus Mercari has further strengthened its eco-system, keeping its customers on its platform to continue the cycle of selling and purchasing. That has effectively assisted merchants, wholesalers, and resellers in distributing their products online over the years. One key factor is that international businesses must decide whether to put up their e-commerce website or use an existing online marketplace. As the industry expands, there will undoubtedly be opportunities for new platforms that allow for greater innovation; yet, the simplicity of conducting business on an existing platform such as Rakuten has its benefits. In the fiscal year 2021, Mercari, Inc. generated net sales amounting to around 106.1 billion Japanese yen, an increase from about 12.3 billion yen in fiscal 2015.

In January 2021 they launched Souzoh, a business-to-consumer business that includes Mercari Shops, which enables retailers to build their own e-commerce stores on the Mercari platform. Mercari has also launched a payment service, Merpay, a mobile payments platform accepted by more than 2.36M merchants and e-commerce sites in Japan. Instead of building it from scratch, they introduced Vertex AI Matching Engine. It’s a fully managed service that shares the same vector search backend with the major Google services such as Google Search, YouTube and Play. So there is no need to implement the infrastructure from scratch, maintain it, and design and run the index update pipeline by yourself.

This means that you will also need the expertise to comment on specifications from a technical perspective and select design methods with scalability in mind. If you think you are up to the task, you can apply for the position here. Since Mercari aims to expand in the global market and boost operations abroad, they are open to all nationalities of fresh graduates. In 2018, according to the Mercari Mercan Website, Mercari Japan hired about 50 new graduates and including 44 of foreign nationalities. From flexible hosting to data‐powered security, get everything your team needs to build at their best. Our assessment is that Mercari’s success as a start-up is because the founder understood the need for such an app in the market and then created a niche product aimed to address it.

Means, it doesn’t actually make any recommendations with insights by looking at the item descriptions, names, images or any other side features. At the time of the launch, Mercari Shops was just a collection of small e-commerce sites where shoppers could only see the items sold by each shop one by one. For the shoppers, it was a somewhat painful experience to go back to the top page and choose a shop each time. This loses the most important value of the service; an enjoyable shopping experience for the shoppers. The company planned to add a new feature this year to let businesses set up standalone online shops outside of its app. More than 40% of small businesses in Japan attributed their distance from e-commerce to a lack of technical expertise and resources to run online shops, according to an attitude survey by Mercari’s app developer Souzoh.

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