Restaurant, Taverns & Bar Insurance in San Diego California

Most restaurant and bar owners are unaware of the exclusions that exist on the policies that can put them at tremendous risk. These are the type of questions that we ask to tailor the right policies for you. If you answered yes to some of the questions above then many of your business practices are most likely excluded. You need an agency that will provide you with a worry-free experience and will help you save time. We understand that as a restaurant owner you need special coverage to meet your needs. Liquor Liability Insurance- This type of insurance helps protect you if a customer has too much to drink and drives and hurts themselves or someone else by clicking this link

In fact, inland marine insurance can cover a variety of transportation exposures; however, it does not cover boating transportation, which is covered under ocean marine insurance. Inland marine is a specialized type of property insurance that primarily covers damage to or destruction of your business property while in transport. Inland marine also covers the liability exposure for the damage or destruction that may occur to property in your care, custody, or control during transport.

On the other end of the spectrum, a large dine-in chain restaurant with lots of employees, features like a salad bar and buffet, and a liquor bar is by far the priciest/riskiest venture. All the required workers’ comp, property, and liability insurance drive up costs exponentially. It ultimately depends on lots of specifics like the number of employees and the value of the property, of course, but we’re talking big numbers, like more than $100,000 per year. Our agents spend time understanding your insurance needs to protect your business with the best and most affordable restaurant insurance policy. Insurance Services is poised to meet all of your insurance needs – from restaurant liability insurance to restaurant equipment insurance, workers compensation, and much more – so you can focus on your customers’ needs. We have you covered from the moment your customer walks in, eats, plays, and leaves.

At Mikel’s Insurance Services, we want to help you reduce losses that could impact your business. We can help you customize an insurance plan that specifically fits your food service establishment, letting you focus on providing a great experience for your customers. The insurance products on (the “Site””) are underwritten by different carriers depending on the relevant line of business – see

Our agents are happy to review these coverages with you to determine which ones are necessary for your restaurant. Crescenta Valley Insurance is an independent insurance agency located in La Crescenta, California. If your business has special needs such as corporate vehicle insurance for food delivery, we will help you secure this coverage as well. Cut-rate insurance providers are no fun – terrible coverage, service, and subpar rates.

Therefore, food contamination insurance prices can range from $600 to $24,000, with $1,900 being the most typical or average cost annually. The kind of insurance your restaurant needs greatly depends on what you feel is necessary for your business to have. The total premium on all policies written by an insurer during a specified period, regardless of what portion has been earned.

Usually the first page of an insurance policy that contains the full legal name of the insurance company, the policy number, effective and expiration dates, premium payable, the amount and types of coverage, and the deductibles. When only one of these perils is covered by the insurance policy, the court generally rules that the entire loss is covered. Many insurance companies have reworded their policies to clarify that only a loss attributed to a covered peril is indeed covered. The type of business you run determines how a CGL policy is classified. Generally speaking, a specific code or codes are assigned based on exposures that are common to your type of business operation. The way a business risk is classified is the first step to determining premium and an important part of the rating formula.

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